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Book a  funeral singer for moments,  where words alone  -  aren't enough.    A song, sung by a professionally trained Funeral Singer, can create a very special  atmosphere at any type of funeral. Sometimes a beautiful song, sung well at a  painful time in our lives enables us to move through these thresholds in life and can bring   acceptance.

Book an experienced funeral singer to sing a favourite song or a hymn or more songs.  I can sing the songs which have special meaning for your family, from classical  music, folk songs and favourite hymns to popular songs.

Book a funeral singer to sing one solo song and leading the hymns will be included in the price.  When losing a loved one, it can often be hard to join in the  congregational singing. Many people find it comforting to have an experienced  funeral singer singing beautifully and with a singing voice with more carrying power,  sitting amongst the congregation. In this way I can be helping others to sing out  more. 

Wide repertoire  -  yet bespoke requests taken.  I offer a free bespoke,  personalised service designed to help you with questions and requests i.e.  discussing  your song choices or for advice. 

At Funeral Singers UK, there is a wide choice of Songs and Hymns that both help to  Celebrate a Life in Song, and to say Good-bye.

Book a funeral singer for any type of funeral  As a funeral singer, I am equally  at home singing for Protestant funerals, Catholic Requiem Masses , Wakes, and for  Secular Funerals (Humanist and Civil Funerals). As well as singing in different  venues. Churches, cathedrals, crematoria, at the graveside, burials, castles, homes,  etc 


Funeral Singing and Covid 19 / Corona Virus. Live singing brings something special to any funeral service, and I am still helping families with live funeral singing in times with high infection rates. 

I can sing the Hymns instead of the congregation, at a safe distance - or they can be replaced with solos, sung by your funeral singer during a pandemic.           


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“I don't think I will ever forget the sound of Marianne's stunning, soaring voice as she sang Ave Maria on the occasion of my mother's funeral. It has played through my mind many times in the days following and I can still hear her beautiful tones now. Her voice filled every corner of the church and captivated everyone present.

Marianne has a wonderful, understated elegance; her voice truly expresses all the many emotions one feels at such a difficult time whilst bringing a sense of gentle calm and the utmost dignity to the proceedings.
Marianne's professionalism is unquestionable, her attention to detail impeccable. We feel extremely blessed that our search for a singer led us to Marianne. Many times, thank you.”
Anthony Cooper, Kingswinford



Dear Marianne,you were absolutely wonderful, your voice is just lovely and I really enjoyed hearing you sing. I thought you were fabulous and I hope we are able to work together again very soon! I will be singing your praises !!! 

 With huge thanks, all my very best wishes
Dee RydingFounder and Owner, Divine Ceremony  www.divineceremony.co.uk

"I am delighted to write in support of Marianne Lihannah, whom I consider to be a singer with many fine qualities.
I am a singer with more than 40 years' experience, having worked in Great Britain and on the Continent. I have done theatre work, broadcasting, soundtrack for film and recording. During this time I have heard many wonderful voices. It was with great pleasure that I came across Marianne's singing some years ago and was struck by the wonderful timbre of her voice and her vocal ability. Her modest demeanour belies a total commitment to the performance of her music where her sincerity shines through. This is an exciting and original new voice on the music scene that deserves to be heard." 
Ron Taylor, Cheltenham

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